Arizona Health Insurance Options
There are many factors that increase or decrease the monthly premium.  Following is a list of the most popular:

1.  Deductible amount.  (The amount that the subscriber  is responsible for when co-payments do not apply. Ie:  Hospital stays, tests, etc.)

2.  Co-Insurance Amount.  (The percentage that is paid after the deductible is met)

3.  Maximum out of pocket amount. (The maximum amount required to pay after the deductible  is met.)

4.  Prescription drug deductible amounts.

5.  Wellness visit options.

6.  Lifetime maximum amount.

You can get a break down by clicking on the above link of the different pricing options.

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Step by step guide for choosing your health plan...

1.  Make sure your doctors are on the network.

2.  Look at all out of pocket costs.

3.  Consider preventative care benefit.

4.  Evaluate co-pay's for doctors office visits.

5.  Look to see what emergency room costs would be.

6.  Is lab work covered?

7.  Is dental included?

8.  Are there set up fee's?

9.  What is the time frame for underwriting?

10.  Does it fall within your budget?